Patty Jewett & Area History


Patty Jewett neighborhood, the adjacent Old North End and Middle Shooks Run neighborhoods, the nearby Boulder Crescent neighborhood and others are all pockets of folks living in the larger, old north downtown Colorado Springs area. These neighborhoods are “mixed-use” – where residents combine work, play and commerce. Varied architectural styles reflect the aesthetic and functional tastes of neighbors throughout the years. Victorians, Craftsmans, Mid-Century Modern Ranches, Contemporary styles and others live side-by-side.

Perhaps you might enjoy the below downtown walking tour with some samples of historic homes in the area to get a visual taste of the variety, including examples of the prevalent indigenous stone masonry work.

“In the North Downtown area, stone masonry work was used artistically for walls of all sorts, including landscaping, homes and retaining. The designs of the day, including that of Monument Valley Park, made extensive use of natural materials, and sought to reflect the stunning natural environment. The stone masons’ names may be lost to us today, but their legacy lives on.”

Colorado Springs North Downtown Walking Tour

Also part of the interesting history of the area is the Patty Jewett golf course. It’s well-known Bar & Grill is a favorite of locals.


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